When I questioned my wife

Have you ever been in a situation where your wife is keeping something away from you? She does not want to share certain things with you because she is uncomfortable doing so? And you know about it because you get these vibes from her that she is concealing something. I was in a similar situation yesterday. My wife had her Instagram account opened on my … Continue reading When I questioned my wife

He is better than you :(

We often tend to compare ourselves with others. Mostly, we happen to compare ourselves with those who are more successful than us and aspire to have a life like heirs. This can be damaging to a certain extent as this could negatively affect your self-confidence, sometimes without your realization. In the current world, when the competition is too high and it is all about who … Continue reading He is better than you 😦

Come, let’s discuss!

Hello all, I am sure all of you readers would agree that in our everyday lives there are happy moments as well as sad ones. When we share our happy moments with others, the joy is doubled. In case of a sad moment, we always feel much lighter when we discuss them. At times, due to the busy life our friends and families lead, we … Continue reading Come, let’s discuss!