He is better than you :(

We often tend to compare ourselves with others. Mostly, we happen to compare ourselves with those who are more successful than us and aspire to have a life like heirs. This can be damaging to a certain extent as this could negatively affect your self-confidence, sometimes without your realization.

In the current world, when the competition is too high and it is all about who comes first, we need to take a step back and relax. I am sure you bloggers must have compared yourselves with the ones that have more followers, likes, and engagement. There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from them. Also, there is no harm is accepting that there are others who are better skilled than you. The issue is when you tell yourself that you are not good enough, or even worse, considering that you are a failure.

We have to be gracious enough to understand that nature has gifted us with different skill sets. If we are not as good as the one we aspire to become, we could always work hard and sharpen our skills to be as good as them, or at least improve ourselves and be better than what we were earlier.

Always remember 3 things:

1) The ones who are more successful than you would have struggled more to get where they are. While you were asleep, they must have toiled throughout the night trying to achieve their goals.

2) If you are comparing yourself with others, remember that while they may have better skills than you in certain areas, you must doing much better than them in other aspects of life. For example, Tiger Woods has had one of the best professional careers but could not succeed in his personal life.

3) Your time will come. Maybe things are not working for you today. Keep trying. Someday everything will fall in place. If you are jealous of the guy who is more successful than you, remember that at one point things may not have worked well for them too. It is very much possible that when your time comes, you may be more successful than the person you admire.

So there you go, if you are not earning as much as your colleague, not driving the car your friend is driving, that is alright. Introspect and realize that you may be having a lot more to be happy about, like your parents, your wife, your kids, your good health, or anything at all! Forget about your worries for a while at least and be happy for what you have. You live only once after all 🙂

Let me know if you agree or think otherwise. It will be nice to share with others how you try to keep yourself happy. There must be so many readers struggling in life searching for happiness. We could always help them with our experience of handling hardships.


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