Good Boss, Bad Boss

What makes you enjoy your work? Is it your job activity? Is it your colleagues? Is it your boss? It could be anything at all. These also could be the very reasons for you to dislike your work. I have come across good and bad bosses. Yes I know good and bad are subjective terms here. I am not judging my bosses based only on my experience with them, but also after considering my colleagues’.

When I joined my first company, I was reporting to the Manager of Business Development. Our job was to get leads and hand them over to the sales guys. There were many ways of generating leads. It could have been done by making cold calls, writing emails etc. Our target was to get x number of leads per month. The commission for overachieving was very handsome. Hence, the manager would always set inflated targets. And this is not the bad part.

The guy was like a headmaster. All of us had an issue with the micro-management he would do. He would individually walk to our desks and check what we are doing. In case we were not getting the desired numbers, he would check our emails and call records to check our activity logs. I understand he wanted us to give our best but this was not the way to do it. By doing so, he showed us that there was a lack of trust here. At times, he would even kick our chairs. He would also sometimes talk in a creepy manner to the women in the team. So all of us this made us dislike him.

But let me tell you one thing. The management did not really mind this. You guessed it right. This was because he overachieved the targets by treating us like slaves. He did fairly well in life as he bought properties and other assets with his commissions. This did not last for too long though. Someone sent the HR a complaint regarding his questionable behavior towards women, and also the ill-treatment of other employees. The HR suspended him during the investigation phase. My colleagues were called in as witnesses and they testified against him. After collecting all the evidence, he was judged to be guilty and was terminated. I guess the bad behavior will help you in the short term only.

My second boss in the company was my favorite. He would set an example for his team. He would give us pep-talk and training to achieve the target. In case there was any difficulty to get the client on-board, he ensured to get on the call to close the deal. For this reason everyone liked him.

We bought gifts for our bosses to show what we felt about them

I believe bosses need to develop their people skills in order to lead their teams. If not, the team ends up doing their work only to get the job done and get paid. They stop enjoying enjoying their work and get demotivated to give their best. These employees will not stay in the organization for too long.

As they say, people leave managers, not companies.


I would like to know your thoughts and experience. Please feel free to post them in the comments section below.




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